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Rabu, 16 September 2009

All I Am - Heat wave

Lagu ini pernah dinyanyiin Yana Julio dengan suara khasnya yang melankolis.. Ga kalah dengan penyanyi aslinya. Tuk download lagu ini KLIK disini..

Who do yo think you see
When you look at me
Is it somebody strong
Somebody you could admire

And who do you think I am
When I take your hand
Are you counting to me
To fill your dreams and your desires

Well all I am
Is lonely just like you
All I want to do
Is have one dream comes true
All I am is handing you my heart
And hoping to be part of you

Who do you think you are
Standing in the dark
Are you waiting for me
Why can't reach you from here
And how do I get to you
Won't you let me through
Don't you think maybe we
Have something special to be shared

3 komentar:

gito mengatakan...

lagu ini syahdu sekali,sip dech

Anonymous mengatakan...

this song make me to remeber my lovely husband... And i must far away from him.. Miss him so much... I love you so much my dear husband.......

Boim Sukarman mengatakan...

lagunya bikin melayang..

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